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 Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.  
Source: Greek proverb
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The I CAN DO IT conference in Tampa early October was wonderful.  I carefully planned my days to see speakers I believed would provide me with lessons that I needed and I was not disappointed.  One person who inspired me greatly was a surprise.  Robert Holden was the keynote speaker on Saturday morning.  His books 'Happiness Now' and 'Success Intelligence' are very good but I had not planned to see his keynote speech since my focus was towards spirit communication workshops with Lisa Williams and John Holland. Thankfully I had changed my mind since Robert Holden's keynote speech was just icing on the cake.  It turned out to be the lesson I needed to hear the most.
Robert Holden's book, Success Intelligence, is about defining what 'success' really means.  Is the definition of 'success' being so busy all of the time? Are we achieving higher purchasing power, but yet not finding happiness?  Are we so busy trying to pay off our mortgage we rarely have enough time to enjoy the home? Is spending less time with our family, friends and neighbors really defines us as successful?
We rarely define taking a few hours of with family and friends at the beach as an achievement or a 'successful' day.  We spend so much time trying to be 'successful' that we miss out on some fun.
That is not to say we should all stop working and become beach bums.  It does say that we should evaluate our lives and redefine success to include love, service and fun.
Excerpt of Robert Holden's Success Intelligence book:
"..if your definition of success has little or no measure of love in it, get another definition," write Robert Holden. Success Intelligence challenges you to measure your success using timeless values such as love and courage, friendship and service, and truth and oneness. The real 'joy of success' is knowing that your success not only benefits you but also those around you. Your success is your gift to the world."
His inspiration caused me to include gardening, dinner with friends and watching movies in my definition of a 'successful' week.  Since the I CAN DO IT conference, I relax more so with my new definition, I have been very successful.
If you don't design your own life plan,
chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.
And guess what they have planned for you?
Not much.
--- Jim Rohn

This month's events at Avalon
(Registration required for all workshops)
Past Life Regression Workshop
Facilitator: Jennifer Smith
Tues. Nov 11, 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $25

After spending a summer teaching workshops and doing readings in Asheville and Black Mountain, North Carolina, Intuitive Jennifer Smith has resumed her popular workshops at the Isle of Avalon University Park, FL starting in November.  
The next planned workshop will be on Past Life Regression.  In Jennifer's interactive workshop, students will be able to explore potential links between relationships in this lifetime and a past life.  Past students have experienced healing of emotional and, sometimes, physical wounds through past life regression.  The workshop will include a meditation to help students access information on a past life. 
Jennifer, who has been internationally certified since 2002 by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, is currently offering transpersonal hypnosis and past life regressions at the Isle of Avalon. Jennifer Smith is also an intuitive and energy worker and incorporates these healing modalities into her hypnosis sessions. Workshops fill quickly so please contact the Isle of Avalon at 941-360-3070 if you would like to attend.
Rachel Eva returns!
After a 1 year absence, Rachel Eva returns to the Isle of Avalon as a Medium Intuitive and Life Coach.  Rachel has spent the last year working in an organic clothing environment and expanded intuitive abilities to include life coaching. 
As an Intuitive Medium, Rachel connects with Spirit to bring through guidance, healing and information from a realm of pure and unconditional Love. During the sessions she may connect with Spirit Guides, Arch-Angels, and deceased loved ones to bring through information in a safe and sacred space. As a Life Coach, she creates a space for the client to re-connect with their Inner Being, to guide them in finding peace within themselves. Uncovering the true and pure light within and shinning it through every aspect of our lives, Rachel helps clients find their true happiness, abundance, and balance. She encourages and supports positive vision setting and will help each client with discovering his or her own true potential.  
Registration is required for all workshops.
Call (941) 360-3070 to register.
Crystal of the Month
Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk's Eye)
Blue Tiger Eye is great stone for use in expanding your horizons, to look for new opportunities at work or elsewhere and for help in relocation.  It is also good for seeing out into the future in regards to our livelihood.
Blue Tiger Eye is one of the stones that is good for air travel especially for journeys and holidays (just in time for our Holidays). 
Source:  Cassandra Eason's Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals book & Melody's Love is in the Earth book
Community News
I Can Do it! Seminar in Tampa
The I Can Do it workshop that took place on Oct 3rd & 4th was fantastic!.  There was quite a lot of interesting information from Lisa Williams (see picture), John Holland, Steven Farmer and Gregg Braden.  Robert Holden's morning keynote speech was inspiring.  Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) was extremely funny.  In 2009, the I CAN DO IT conference in Tampa will be held in November.  Updates on the 2009 conference will be listed in our newsletter starting next summer.
News regarding our shopping plaza: 
 (Shoppes at University Center):
Elements Therapeutic Massage's Grand Opening Wednesday Nov 5th!  Elements Massage is located right next door to our shop (8109 Cooper Creek Blvd). They will have Swedish, hot stone and couples massage services. Their Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting event will take place on November 5th from 3 - 7 pm. Refreshments will be served and complementary chair massage will be provided.  While enjoying the tour of the studios, enter to win free massages or gifts from surrounding businesses (including massage CD or salt lamp from the Isle of Avalon).  Elements' website is: www.elementsfl.com or you can contact them at (941) 366-1168 for more information. 
Total Wine, a 20,000 sq feet retail shop of wine, beer and spirits (unlike our store, these spirits are for drinking) is now open. There is free wine tasting every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 5 pm.
The Fresh Market (appx 1/2 mile west of our shopping center) will open on Nov 4th.  The Fresh Market will have over 350 fresh food items (some are organic).  Check out their website: www.freshmarket.com
With all of the new shops and wonderful restaurants, you can spend your whole day in our 'corner' of Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch.    
Gift Ideas for less than $20
Oracle / Inspirational / Affirmation / Tarot Cards
Most card decks are used as tools in providing guidance in our lives. There is a difference between oracle, inspirational, affirmation and tarot decks.  The following are brief descriptions and examples of each type of divination deck. Most decks are priced under $20 and make excellent gifts for those needing regular guidance and inspiration.  It is also a fun gift for friends who enjoy receiving messages from spirit.
Oracle Decks: Oracle decks are easy to use.  The oracle cards contain either a word or phrase on each card that is easy to interpret.  Most decks come with a book that further explains the cards.  It could be used daily (pick a card of the day) or when there is a specific question.  Oracle decks can be used in readings using a spread (a group of cards with a specific meaning).
Examples of Oracle decks include Messages from your Angels, Angel Therapy and Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue, Wisdom of Avalon by Collette Baron-Reid and Power Animals by Steven Farmer.
One example card from Messages from your Angels deck is: 
Angel Rochelle says: 'As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now'.
Inspirational Decks: Many of us have read books that encourage us to think more positively.  Inspiration cards help us keep up with the lessons by reminding us daily with inspirational words.  For the friends and family who enjoy books from Dan Millman, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, inspirational decks are a great gift.  Inspirational decks are used for daily inspiration to help with life's changes. 
Examples of Inspiration decks include Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and Zen Cards.
One card from the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior deck is:
'The search for the right livelihood calls us to explore our talents, values, and interests and to overcome our fears and doubts. So take stock and take heart. Then ask yourself "What am I willing to do to reach my goals?"
Affirmation Decks: Similar to inspiration cards, affirmation cards could be used regularly to help in guiding our thoughts to be more positive.  The difference is affirmation cards also contains affirmations we can use throughout our day or in meditation.
Examples of affirmation decks include Power Thoughts or Wisdom Cards by Louise Hay and Until Today cards by Iyanla Vanzant.
One example of a affirmation card from Until Today cards:
'Until today, you may have believed that if you could avoid being hurt, you would live a peaceful life. Just for today, consider all of the life, love, and peace you're missing out on in your attempt to avoid being hurt.'  The affirmation written on the front of this card is:
'Fear no longer determines what I do or do not do.'
Tarot: Tarot decks are wonderful and extremely useful in receiving messages and guidance.  They are harder to learn since the reader needs to understand difference between the card types such as major or minor arcana as well as the four suits (cups, wands, swords and pentacles).  Tarot books are useful in learning about the tarot but I recommend getting a tarot teacher if you want to become a tarot reader.  Once learned, tarot card readings tend to be extremely detailed and accurate.  Getting a tarot reading is a great way to clear up any questions on major as well as minor life issues. 
Examples of popular tarot decks:  Rider-Waite, Universal Waite and Voyager tarot decks.  For those who want to practice tarot, there is the Quick & Easy deck which is based on the Universal Waite card deck with the meanings listed right on the card.  It makes it easier to learn tarot.
One example of a tarot card is the Magician (from the Rider-Waite deck).  The Magician is major arcana card #1.  The Magician represents strength and positive thinking.  He is the epitome of manifesting.
Local Eats:
As the Holiday season approaches, you may start thinking about meeting friends and family for dinner.  Although its been a tough year for national chains and local restaurants, I hope you consider the small family restaurant in your choice for holiday get togethers.  The following are some of my favorites in the local area. None of these restaurant families know that I included them in my newsletter but this is my small way of supporting them.  It is my hope they have a successful year. Thank you for supporting these wonderful family restaurants. 
Jameson's Cafe - Wonderfully made-from-scratch pancakes and traditional breakfast dishes using some organic products.  Mindy's strudels and scones are out of this world.  Her pumpkin pie strudel is so wonderful, I actually gave her my cell phone number to call me whenever she makes them. Located at 7523 S. Tamiami Trail (on north side of US 41 across from Robb & Stucky about 1.5 miles south of Stickney Point Road). Hours are M-F 9 am - 2 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am - 2 pm. Phone 926-0441.
Sun Garden - I just recently tried this wonderful breakfast (and lunch) place.  Their sweet potato pancakes were great.  They serve organic foods for breakfast or lunch. The owners are so devoted to being 'green' that even their straws are made of corn-based plastic. They are located in Siesta Key Village at 210 Avenida Madera (near the public parking lot across from Davidsons Drug store).
Simon's Coffee House - Simon's is one of my favorite places to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They have a variety of fresh, organic and, sometimes, raw food items.  Simons has one several local awards for best organic restaurant.  They are located at 5900 S. Tamiami Trail on the south side of US 41 about a mile north of Stickney Point Road.  They are open 8 am - 8 pm Monday - Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  Their website is www.simonstogo.com
One of Simon's chefs also has a raw food booth at the Siesta Key Farmer's Market (Sunday mornings from 7am - Noon at Davidson's shopping center in Siesta Village).  Scott's Health booth between the fruit and vegetable stands.  His raw radish and cucumber salad as well as his raw kale califlower salads are great.
Lunch & Dinners:
Bamboo Restaurant is located 3 doors down from our shop.  Their green salads are huge and my favorite is topped with crab cakes.  Their paninis (especially the Cuban) are wonderful.  Bamboo is located at 8105 Cooper Creek Blvd.  Their hours are Monday - Saturday 11 am - 10 pm. Call them at 351-5861
Indigo Restaurant opened in August. If you want a fun place with great atmosphere and fantastic food, you would want to visit Indigo.  They have fish everywhere, which is also their specialty (although their steaks are great too).  They are located at 11161 East State Road 70 (in the Public Plaza at SR 70 and Lakewood Ranch Blvd, about 2 miles east of I-75).  Their website is fun to visit: www.indigoreefandgrill.com. Their phone number is 753-REEF (7333). They also created the Indigo foundation which helps local charities, including Mote Marine's 'Protect our Reef' fund.
I hope you can support these wonderful 'Mom & Pop' restaurants.  The families who own these restaurant tend to be environmentally conscious, use fresh or organic ingredients and have a wonderful loving energy.   
Sent with Blessings,
Rev. Lourdes Ramirez
Isle of Avalon