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Meditation Reminder for Mar. 26
Issue: Mar. 22, 2010

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Good morning all!

We appreciate the warm reception we got at Rising Tide on Tuesday for our talk on Peru.  We were also surprised at the size of the turnout, yet grateful to everyone for making it an interactive evening.  A lot of old friends we've not seen in a long time came.  It was also good to meet your husbands.  Thanks to everyone for coming and for allowing us to share some of our experiences on the trip!

Also, I was deeply touched by how many friends came to the Mandala Opening at Expressive Arts Gallery in Towles Court last Friday evening.  Some of you were on your way home from work or going to other events, yet you came to see the Peru Mandalas.  Thank you deeply, everyone who came.  See some photos of your visit in the section below.

Please note on your calendars! - Usually our meditations are held every two weeks.  However once again, the Lunar and Gregorian calendars are not aligned.  This means after Friday March 26th it will be three weeks before our next meditation which will be held on April 16th at UNITY OF SARASOTA instead of Rising Tide.  More on that in April.

NEXT MEDITATION - Mar. 26 - Connecting with Higher Consciousness - Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith acts as a bridge between this world and the world of Divine light. Her meditations take you into the visual and contemplative world of the imagination connecting you with the inner realms of the Higher Self.  Her guidance is gentle and her approach sweet.

works with clients all over the country.  She has trained with James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager Tarot deck. A graduate of Naropa University's acclaimed Contemplative Psychology program, Jennifer is certified to conduct Transpersonal Hypnosis.  She has also been trained at the Psychic Horizon's Institute of Boulder Colorado.
In addition to Tarot readings, Jennifer specializes in past-life regression, chakra balancing and creativity enhancement.

Join our circle on Friday evening and experience the peace of this sweetly guided meditation.  You'll be in the company of many spiritual friends who have made this group a gathering of caring heart-centered lightworkers across our extended spiritual community.

Smudging begins at 6:30 and meditation starts at 7 pm.  Discussion follows the meditation.  Healers, certified in Quantum, Theta, Reiki and Healing Touch modalities, volunteer their time between 6:30 - 7 pm if you'd like a mini-healing.

These meditations happen because of Rising Tide's generosity to our group.  Please consider a "love offering" in appreciation to the center for its use.  All donations are presented on your behalf.  We collect no money for ourselves.  Rising Tide is located a 5102 Swift - 6 blocks south of Proctor .

Thank you for your ongoing commitment  to these gatherings for harmony and planetary peace.  Thank you for your presence and the purpose you bring to each meditation!


Second Annual Mandala Exhibition - Sacred Circles in Art & Healing
@ Expressive Arts Gallery - Through April 9
1967 B - Towles Court
Finstads study Portal Mandala

Expressive Arts Florida gallery, in tandem with Towles Court Art Walk, opened their Mandala Exhibition - Sacred Circles in Art & Healing on Friday night.  Local artists showcased their "sacred circles" in many artistic mediums - collage, watercolor, acrylic and textile.  

This is a small gallery with lovely energy flowing from the four women who own
Linda Commito paints community mandala
it.  They made the opening fun for all participants.  An easel with a mandala outline on a blank canvas was set up for gallery-hoppers to contribute to a communal mandala.  Last year they offered a similar opportunity which resulted in 165 people creating the community mandala.  It was fun watching the intensity on the faces of the painters as they added to this year's mandala.

I showed two mandalas inspired by the recent trip
Madri, Star and Susan enjoy opening
to Peru.  The first, "Solar Heart-Portal of the Divine Feminine" was created from the women's ceremony at Aramu Muru on Feb. 14th.  The second, "Geometry in the Portals," is a mandala depicting the experiences I had when the portals dissolved in my hands at both Tiwanaku in Bolivia and Aramu Muru in Peru.  I was drawn into a spiral in a vortex that pulled me inside the stones and down into the earth.

It was such an honor to share the evening with so many friends who came out for the show.  I was very surprised at the turnout and am grateful to all who visited
Dana Swezey with friend opening night
for a while.  What joy to be with you all.  Thank you for being there!

Expressive Arts is located at 1967B, Morrill Street in Sarasota.  The show continues through April 9th.

Women Living In Community - A Networking Event
with Marianne Kilkenny of Asheville
@ Unity of Sarasota - March 27th - 9:30-4:30 pm

On Saturday, March 27th, Marianne Kilkenny of Asheville, co-founder of Women Living In Communities Conferences,  facilitates this networking event at Unity of Sarasota.  Marianne is a consultant, facilitator and educator who guides groups and individuals who are looking for alternative models in community living arrangements.

More women are living alone now than at any other time in history due to extended life spans, choices made, and the changes in our culture.
  Where do you want to live?  With whom?  How do you want to live?  This timely grassroots networking event is for any woman who wants to live in a creative and supportive environment during the second half of her life.

Join like minded women for this workshop at Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd.  to learn and share information about intentional communities.  The fee is $25 and pre-registration is required.  Event sponsorship opportunities are available. This is a great way to promote your products and services.  For more information or to register, contact Linda Williams at 941-400-1270 or

Dances of Universal Peace - with Susan Slack
@ Unitarian Universalist Church - April 14th from 7:30-8:30 pm

The Unitarian Universalist Church hosts the Dances of Universal Peace on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7:30 to 8:30pm.  Bring the joy of singing and easy circle dancing into your life. Sacred phrases from world traditions are taught along with the "body prayer" movements accompanied by live music.  If you want to feel happiness and connectedness with Life give it a try.  Dances are led by Susan (Safiya) Slack who has 30 years experience leading local circles and internationally attended camps. Tamara Vakil Short, certified dance leader on guitar, Susan playing drums. Fee is $5 payable at the door. More information:  or  941-544-8405

See you at Jennifer's meditation on Friday!   Jo


Women's Meditation Calendar - 2010
Rising Tide Spiritual Center  5102 Swift Rd


Mar 26 Full Moon - Jennifer Smith - Higher Consciousness
Apr. 16 - New Moon - Faerie Elaine - Singing Spirit
Apr. 30 - Full Moon - Ruth Fishel - Buddhist Mindfulness