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 Created by Helen Grant Johnston
If I could wish for my life to be perfect,
it would be tempting but I would have to decline,
for life would no longer teach me anything.
Source: Allyson Jones

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There are three years until 2012, the year several prophecies say will mark the end of the times as we know it. Actually, the prophecies differ on when the upcoming changes will take place. It may be closer to 4 years in some predictions since they use the Winter solstice (December 21, 2012) as the day to mark the proposed changes in the world. Others talk about the changes occurring in our world right now or in 2010. There are facts and fiction surrounding 2012. Over the next few months, we will hear more and more about 2012, especially since Hollywood decided to create a fear-based film on the topic in a movie scheduled for release in November 2009. 
The prophecies range from catastrophic earth changes, such as super volcanos and giant tsunamis, to changes to our culture that brings peace and harmony. The most referred-to prophecy is the ancient Mayan Calendar believed to be written 3000 or so years ago. The misconception is that it has catastrophic prophecies of the end of the world, which it does not. It does describe the cycle of time based on their amazing understanding of our solar system and Milky Way galaxy. 
Our Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy; our solar system is located in one of its spiral arms. It takes 250 million years for our solar system to orbit the center of the Milky Way. Our solar system is not parallel to plane of the Milky Way galaxy, but rather rotates perpendicular in an elliptical orbit. It takes 25,625 years for our solar system to go around our elliptical orbit. The Mayans somehow knew this. They also divided the 25,625 years into 5 'Great World Ages'; each about 5,125 years long. They determined that we are in the 5th 'Great World Age' which began 3,113 years ago.  Our current Great World Age is predicted to end December 21st 2012. Being the 5th Great World Age, that date also ends our complete solar system orbit of 25,625 years. Besides the end of our full elliptical orbit and the end of the 5th Great World Age, our sun will also be in alignment with the center (or equator) of our Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. Many researchers have been awe-struck with the accuracy of the Mayans to know this information without use of modern telescopes and computers. These events mark a rare and amazing cosmic alignment.
What does the end of the Great World Age bring? As I stated earlier, there are many prophecies and beliefs and I will begin to discuss these in future newsletters. We should be open to ideas and possibilities. The important thing is not to let fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) overcome our senses, as we move toward the most profound alignment of our cosmic existence. 

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Marianne Williamson
Shaman Mic McManus is back!
What began as just a 3 week vacation has shifted into a move back to Sarasota.  Popular Shaman Mic McManus has just announced that he plans to remain here.  He will continue his monthly shamanic healing sessions at the Isle of Avalon, the 2nd Saturday of every month. 
Appointments for his next visit to the Isle of Avalon is almost fully booked.  If you are interested in having a Shamanic Healing, call soon to set up your appoinment.  We will also sell his newest DVD - I am Present: Alignment and Meditation for $20. 
For those unfamiliar with Shamanic Healing, it is a method of healing that uses energies and natural elements. 
The essential perspective of the shaman is:
1. Everything is alive. Everything has spirit and awareness.

2. Energy and matter are the same. Everything is vibration.Everything that exists is an energy system within a greater energy system.

3. Everything that exists is connected to everything else in a web of energy or life.

4. Unseen/inner/spiritual reality affects visible reality. Working within this system of perceptions, the shaman strives to create balance and harmony of the spirit. This can be focused on the individual or the community. This also can be applied to anything that exists.
source: Geocities
This month's events at Avalon
(Registration required for all workshops)
February 2009 workshops
Transchannel (Channeling)
Instructor: Medium Jenna Kirby
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 10
Time: 6:30 -8:30 PM
Cost: $25
Expand your knowledge of intuition or your intuitive abilities by including a more indepth instruction on channeling from Medium Jenna Kirby, Sussex England. Limited to 10 students. 
Basic Crystal Healing
Instructor: Lourdes
Date: Monday, Feb. 16
Time: 6:30 -8:30 PM
Cost: $25
This workshop will discuss some of the major crystals used for healing, protection and for manifesting.  The workshop will include information on cleansing your crystals, using them effectively and how to use them for divination.
Basic Chakra Workshop
Instructor: Lourdes
Date: Monday, Feb. 23
Time: 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $25
Learn about the 7 major chakras (energy centers of our body). This class will provide the basics of Chakras including 
how to use our chakra energy to manifest our desires. 
Intuitive Development Workshop
Instructor: Jennifer Smith
Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 11am - 5 pm
Cost: $125 (50% deposit due by Feb 14th)
Description: Learn how to develop your intuition, meet your spirit guide and manifest your desires in this fun interactive workshop.  Limited seats available.   Advanced payment of 50% ($62.50) required to reserve your seat.  No refunds within 2 days prior to the event
Energy Workshop
Instructor: Jennifer Smith
Date: Sunday, February 22
Time: 11am - 5 pm
Cost: $125 (50% deposit due by Feb 14th)
This fascinating workshop will include techniques to see or sense energy in yourself and others. You will learn the basics of how to balance energy safely and effectively. Because we are all made of energy, energy healing can be used for everything from alleviating pain to balancing the emotions. Learn this valuable skill that will benefit yourself and others endlessly. Class is limited..
Upcoming Workshop in March:
Basics of Belly Dance
Instructor: Misha
Date: Wednesdays March 11 (8 week session)
Time: 6:30 -7:30 PM
Cost: $110 includes $10 registration fee
Learn the basics of belly dance.  $10 registration fee due in advance of workshop, balance due the first night
Spirit Communication (Psychic & Mediumship) Workshops
Instructor: Lourdes
Date: Mondays March 9 (5 week session)
Time: 6:30 -7:30 PM
Cost: $25 each class 
Learn to develop your skills to communicate with Spirit.  The first 2 classes would include the basics of Spirit Communication including the difference between psychic work and mediumship.


Registration is required for all workshops.
Call (941) 360-3070 to register.
Crystal of the Month
White Howlite
White Howlite has been traditionally called a home blessing stone.  It can be placed at the 4 compass directions to bring blessings to a home.  It is also useful for open communication within the family. 
For health, a white howlite can be used for skeleton or bone problems.  Source:  Cassandra Eason's Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals book and other sources
At the Isle of Avalon we have added several new tumble stones to our traditional group.  In addition to White Howlite, we added ruby zoisite, selenite, and rough emerald.
Community News
News regarding our shopping plaza: 
(Shoppes at University Center):
Elements Massage Therapy:
8109 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park
(941) 366-1168
Elements is located right next door to the Isle of Avalon  
Open 7 Days a week
Special for March include:
$99 for 2 (TWO!) 55 minute massages!!!
Elements will also have a Valentine's Day special.  Please contact them directly for more information on massages.
Restaurants open in our shopping center include:
Bonefish Grill - seafood restaurant
Cantina Toscana - Italian food 
Urban Flats - contemporary flat bread restaurant
Leroy Selmons - steakhouse
Mama Onesti's - Italian food
With all of the new shops and wonderful restaurants, you can spend your whole day in our 'corner' of Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch.
Book of the Month
Serpent of Light
Beyond 2012 
The Movement of the Earth's Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light, 1949-2013
by Drunvalo Melchizedeck
(excerpt from book)
"In Serpent of Light, Drunvalo Melchizedek tells the story of indigenous people around the world creating ceremonies to relocate the kundalini serpent to the high Andes Mountains in Chile, an event that happens every 13,000 years. Spiritual ascension will only come to our planet if men and women are totally integrated and balanced. Drunvalo was chosen to share in critical ceremonies that were created to empower women because he is a man who dwells totally in his heart and truly respects women. As a female ceremonial teacher during these same years when Drunvalo was creating beautiful ceremonies within many of the same sacred sites with the people, I can say that Drunvalo speaks the truth. He offers as much closely held information as is allowed, so there is significant indigenous knowledge in this book. Drunvalo is a great storyteller! You are there with him while he follows synchronicities and communicates with the great guardians of the sacred sites. Serpent of Light is a masterful description of the great Earth activations that are occurring during the end of the Mayan Calendar."

- Barbara Hand Clow, International Mayan Elder, a Cherokee Record Keeper, a ceremonial leader, and the author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind
Sent with Blessings,
Rev. Lourdes Ramirez
Isle of Avalon
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